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5 Things I've Learned in 2 Years of Parenthood

Our little nugget is one week away from turning TWO....TWO! How? What? When? Where? But mainly.... whyyyyy? There are so many thoughts running through my head at all hours of the day. And to be honest, most of those thoughts are centered around her. Sad (not really), but true. So let's get into the top 5 things I've learned in my short two years as a momma. PSA: these are  my  personal thoughts. That doesn't mean they're the same as yours, your moms/grandmas/neighbors whatever. So here it is.. let's start at the very beginning... dun dun dun 1.  Lab or is the easy part! You read that right! Labor. Is. The. Easy. Part! Those little hairless, naked, loud-yet-adorable blobs come home with you!!! Without the God-Sent L&D nurses! At my age ( almost 30 #forever29) a lot of my friends either just had a baby or are about to have their first. And whenever anyone asks me for advice, this is my first response 😅 I know what you might be thinking, "she mu

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